Fargo contributes to meeting on sources, whistleblowers

Media School people at conference

Three people from The Media School participated in the meeting. Intern Cora Henry is on the far left, and intern Natalie Rowthorn is second from right. Associate professor Anthony Fargo is sixth from the left, peeking over a shoulder. (Courtesy photo)

Associate professor Anthony Fargo offered his expertise on protection of sources and whistleblowers at a meeting organized by International Press Institute and the United Nations in Vienna June 11.
Attendees included about 20 representatives from non-governmental organizations, journalists and other organizations from Europe, the United States, Africa, Australia and India. Fargo’s research activity on confidential sources earned him an invitation to the meeting.
He and IU students have worked closely with IPI on research projects in over the last several years. Two Media School students attended the meeting and took notes. Graduate student Cora Henry and senior Natalie Rowthorn are spending their summer as interns at the International Press Institute.
Fargo and other participants will provide the U.N. with written comments to supplement meeting’s discussions, and the report will be presented to the U.N. General Assembly in October.
Fargo is director of the school’s Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies, and he and students have reported on and developed several studies as projects at the center.