Fargo named to advisory board

Associate professor Anthony Fargo (Maggie Richards | The Media School)

Associate professor Anthony Fargo was named to the advisory board of the Center for Law, Society and Culture at the Maurer School of Law.

The Center for Law, Society and Culture facilitates and presents research conducted across IU regarding the law and legal issues. Fargo, the director of the Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies, will bring his expertise in media and communications law to the advisory board.

Fargo’s work has focused on media law and policy and is prominent in the study of the relationship between the law, journalism and confidential sources.

Trump’s anti-media rhetoric leads to support of the press, study says

The statements evoke anger, which indirectly transfers to support of the media.

CIMLAPS-supported animated series simplifies internet governance

Accessing news content through the internet is an everyday activity for many people, but the regulations governing these platforms can feel technical and complicated.

With support from The Media School’s Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies, Noah Arjomand has produced an animated video series that simplifies these topics so they’re accessible for everyone.

“The idea is to show how all of these aren’t just abstract legal or technical engineering problems, but all of them relate really closely to issues that all of us care about or should care about — press freedom, the ability of producers of media to reach their audiences, the inequality in who has a voice online,” said Arjomand, a Mark Helmke postdoctoral scholar on global media, development and democracy in the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

Arjomand’s series explains internet governance — the structure …
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Assange case could impact journalists, panel says

Even though the Wikileaks founder is not a journalist, his case could affect journalists’ abilities to report on leaked documents, the three panelists said.

Fargo article proposes source protection options in absence of shield law

“Protecting Journalists’ Sources Without a Shield: Four Proposals” argues that Congress is unlikely to pass a federal shield law in the near future.

Fargo article pinpoints components of effective federal shield law

In order to pass an effective federal shield law, Congress should limit exceptions to protecting sources and prohibit secret court orders from unmasking sources, associate professor Tony Fargo argues in an article published in the latest issue of Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law.

Associate professor Anthony Fargo (Maggie Richards, BA’15 | The Media School)

“A Federal Shield Law That Works: Protecting Sources, Fighting Fake News, and Confronting Modern Challenges to Effective Journalism,” discusses Congress’ previous unsuccessful attempts to pass a federal shield law and proposes ways to create a more effective version.

In return for these protections, Fargo says journalists should address concerns about fake news by swearing their sources exist.

Research assistance for this article was made possible by the Barbara Restle Press Law Project.

Enemies of the Press panel discussion reverses Trump-created nickname

Associate professor Tony Fargo, director of the Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies, wanted to turn the phrase around Monday with The Media School’s Enemies of the Press panel.

Apply for International Press Institute internship in Vienna

Apply by Dec. 7 to support the International Press Institute‘s defense of media freedom and the free flow of news as a summer 2019 intern in Vienna.

IPI will hire up to two IU undergraduate students, graduate students or recent graduates. The internships are arranged through The Media School’s Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies.

Interns will:

monitor press freedom transgressions and developments around the world,
draft press freedom statements,
research press freedom topics and draft reports,
contribute to IPI’s projects, campaigns and publications,
interact with IPI and media stakeholders and
increase IPI’s exposure using social networking tools.

The organization seeks interns with a variety of skills, including but not limited to photography and videography, multimedia design, public relations and marketing, and legal research.

The internship will last six to eight weeks, but start and end dates are negotiable. Interns must be available to work five days a …
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Fargo presents soon-to-be-published paper in California

The paper examines attempts to pass a federal shield law that would protect journalists from being required to reveal their sources.

IU/SPJ/ICOG offer free daylong workshop on open data, government

Sign up now for the free information access workshop on March 17 in Indianapolis.